How To Survive Fall If You’re In A Long-Distance Relationship

Everyone just loves sweater weather because it’s cuddle season, but what can you do when your cuddle buddy lives far away? We laugh to keep from crying, that’s what.

1. Take yourself to a corn maze! …but if you get lost, just eat your way out!

2. Carve your significant other’s face into a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween! …then cuddle with it for warmth and companionship and hope!

3. Try to learn an instrument to pass the time between visits! …but don’t worry if it’s not right for you, there are plenty of other hobbies!

4. Buy a new warm coat! …to pretend you’re in a constant hug!

5. Eat an entire delicious Thanksgiving meal! …so you can just take a cute nap until you can see your significant other again!

6. Enjoy those sweatpants that’ve been in your dresser for a year! …and then never take them off, because you’re just doing you!

7. Go on a lovely hayride! …while pretending the scarecrow is your date, just for a laugh!

8. Be one half of something hilarious for Halloween! …but nothing TOO funny because you want people to like you enough to give you candy!

9. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel! …once you figure out how to bend space and time!

10. Make more than one cup of hot chocolate! …then drink them both because it’s like a sweater for your insides!

11. Creep yourself out by going to a haunted house! …then watch Casper to make yourself feel better that you’re not in THAT bad of a long-distance relationship!

12. Go to a football game! …and paint your face as your significant other’s face instead of the team’s colors like a non-creepy love mask!

13. Start watching one of the new fall TV shows together! …with the comfort of your favorite snacks and zero judgment!

14. Set up a bonfire in your backyard! …and pretend to talk to your significant other’s face in the fire!

(But if you actually do see their face, go inside. You’ve had enough fire time.)

15. Jump in a pile of leaves! …then have fun cleaning them up because you’re the only one responsible for this mess!

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