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    14 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Day

    Any or all of these are acceptable ways to celebrate every dog's favorite holiday!

    1. You could cheese it up a bunch for the camera.

    2. Maybe a trip to Muscle Beach is in order to show everyone how tough you are.

    3. Go and get a new hair-do! You deserve it!

    4. Chilling around the house for some quiet time would be fine.

    5. Watch a movie marathon, but be careful of getting too wrapped up in it.

    6. Letting people know that it's your first National Dog Day is probably polite.

    7. Organize a field day with your friends!

    8. Pretend to be surprised when your friends throw a party in your honor.

    9. Hike to a beautiful setting, and get a new Facebook profile picture out of it. A win-win!

    10. Practice your fluffing skills. It's important now more than ever to stay fluffed.

    11. Pig out on leftovers! You're allowed!

    12. Patiently deal with your friends coming over unexpectedly and when you're not wearing pants.

    13. Think too hard about life and stuff.

    14. Check online to see how your friends celebrated it, and so you can be better than them next year.