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    21 Ways To Celebrate Galentine's Day With Your BFFs

    The day before Valentine's Day is the most sacred of holidays: Galentine's Day. Get together with your gal pals and just celebrate each other!

    1. Host a fancy potluck dinner to let everyone show off their cookin' skills...

    2. ...or a yummy dessert potluck!

    3. Do a bunch of crafts with all your gal pals. Bonus if it's crafty gifts for each other!

    4. Throw a slumber party and do all the games you used to play in high school.

    5. Everyone puts on sweatpants and heads to your favorite bar...

    ...or get totally gussied up and paint the town red!

    6. As soon as you all get together, gather your phones. There shall be no texting tonight – especially to any significant others.

    7. If you don't live near your gals, schedule a Skype date, and be prepared for multiple calls.

    8. Recite a poem you wrote specifically about your buds. (It's ok if you cry, because poems.)

    9. Send your BFFs flowers and have the message card read something pro-lady.

    10. Make an actual photo collage of you guys, instead of with an app on your phone. Make art!

    11. Challenge yourselves to not wear a bra all day, and just see how much more comfortable you'll be.

    12. Slap anyone around you if they say the word "single" in your presence.

    13. Spend the night writing more inspiring phrases to go around Dove chocolates.

    14. Give each other extremely outrageous makeovers or try to figure out winged eyeliner together, once and for all.

    15. Buy a bunch of couple-specific Groupons all together and go take advantage of the sweet deals around your town.

    16. Break your phones out but only to livetweet whatever is playing on Bravo when y'all are together.

    17. Take one another on a mini-shopping spree at your fave stores. Nothing too extravagant, but you all deserve to treat yo' self.

    18. Make a movie soundtrack (or maybe a promotional poster) for the story of their life, because you're her biggest fan, anyways.

    19. Make small cross-stitch projects to give to one another. The smaller the project, the more time you can devote to doing other things with your gal night.

    20. Go all out and just enjoy a super relaxing spa day.

    21. And, of course, you should play the official Galentine's Day drinking game.