Watch This Heartwarming Rescue Of Deer On A Frozen Lake

This rescue story involves hovercrafts, GoPros, and two cute deer stuck on a frozen lake. Thanks to some Minnesotan ingenuity, this story has a happy ending!

1. Two deer were stranded in the middle of Albert Lea Lake in Minnesota.

2. The only way James Kenison and his dad could rescue the deer was to gently tow them back to shore using their hovercraft.

3. Because the deer had been out on the lake for a few days at that point…

4. …it took them a minute to regain their footing.

5. Time to get the second one!

6. “See ya soon!”

7. The sweet buddies were reunited at the lake’s bank.

8. And then, the good news:

10. Watch the entire rescue in action here:

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