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40 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Open Their CSA Box

Let's get ready to Google!

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1. Alright! Time for some fresh veggies.

2. Makes me feel all good n' healthy. Mmmm mmm.

3. Love gettin' all inspired in the kitchen, put those pots and pans to good use.

4. What.

5. What IS that.

6. What is THAT.

7. WHAT is that.

8. Help.


9. I hope it's supposed to look like that.

10. Alright, well, I at least know this is spinach for sure. Nailed that one.

11. Knowing what spinach is has become a confidence booster.

12. These are definitely strawberries!

13. Can't fool me on that one.

14. Ok, now this guy...

15. What's goin' on with you, friend?

16. Got some cool spikes on you. That feels potentially dangerous, but a little fun.

17. Ok nice, a little bit of herbage now.

18. But, like, which herb are you?

19. Some cilantro?

20. ...what shape is cilantro?

21. It's always small and pre-chopped by the time it gets to me in food at restaurants.

22. I'm starting to feel dumb.

23. Like, I'm supposed to know what all of these alien vegetables are?

24. Did everyone else go to a farmer school and leave me behind?


25. These are apples.

26. Thank god.

27. How do I even google these randoms?

28. "Slightly scary vegetable with gently menacing spike-leaves"?

29. "Large vegetable that could be a root or a tuber if I knew what either of those actually are"?

30. I hope Martha Stewart is ready for a lot of site hits from my kitchen.

31. Ok, yeah, I'm digging this Swiss chard.

32. Its bright colors are recognizable enough to make a lasting impression.

33. THAT is how vegetables are done, folks.

34. That is what I'm comfortable with.

35. Carrots?!

36. YES.

37. A favorite all the way from childhood.

38. One day, I will be a fully actualized adult who will have a ton of vegetable knowledge.

39. Until that day comes, I will have to come to terms with the fact that I didn't know what an artichoke was was for the last five minutes.

40. Let's just all be ok that I will put most of this into a stir-fry and call it a night.