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15 Signs Your Dog Is Actually A Teddy Bear

Y'know, just in case you had some questions.

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1. She spends an awful lot of time in your lap.

2. She's terrible at helping you with simple household chores.

3. People comment on how "at home" she looks in her bed.

4. The couch appears to be her natural habitat.

5. She fits almost too well in your arms when you carry her around.

6. She blends in a suspicious amount with her toy basket.

7. She looks comfortable in nearly every situation.

8. Going for a ride in the car BARELY messes up her fur.

9. You've confused her for one of your pillows at least once.

10. She just looks silly when she goes outside.

11. Other animals don't even seem to acknowledge her existence as "one of them."

12. She utilizes a lot of nature-themed accessories.

13. Most days, she'd rather chill with the laundry than play with her toys.

14. Sleeping is when she's happiest.


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