This Dog Had Sushi For Her Birthday Party And You Should Be Jealous

Her name is Coco, and she’s a very big deal.

1. Here’s Coco, ready for action.

2. Here are the dinner party’s supplies.

3. Watch as her chef masterfully prepares a Snack Attack Roll…

4. …a 24-Carrot Roll…

5. …a Bok-Bok-Bok Roll…

6. …with added veggies, of course.

7. Coco only eats sushi that is expertly crafted.

8. Time for a milk break!

9. Phew! Not all sushi is raw!

10. Hope she likes this Vampire Steak Roll!

11. But did Coco enjoy her entire meal?

12. You bet she did!

13. Every last bite!

14. Even the Stew-p Kid Roll…

15. …as long as it has veggies!

16. Take a rest, Coco, you’ve earned it!

By the way, this year she got a cake in her likeness. A CAKE IN HER LIKENESS!

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