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    32 Things Every BuzzTeamer Won't Stop Buzzing About

    ~You can't stop the buzz.~

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    1. Where ARE they now?

    2. Now starting a book club doesn't seem so hard!

    3. Love these hot pics of celebreadies.

    4. Kid stories might look a bit different if they were horror movies.

    5. Now you don't have to spend your whole paycheck, am I right???????

    6. Please don't be one of THOSE coworkers.

    7. WWLDiCD?

    8. Gotta know which Muppet Kermit is.

    9. Since when did Pokémon get so hunky?

    10. PET PEEVES are the WORST.

    11. Ugh, 2015 is such a Miranda.

    12. Honestly, there's no one more motivational than Kris Jenner.

    13. Young daughters are the most fearless beings ever.

    14. Let's dive into the deep pool that is the world of Urban Outfitters graphic tees.

    15. Now we can (try to) catch up on Game of Thrones before the season premiere this weekend!

    16. Are books the secret to your soul?

    17. We all needed this definitive bitch quiz.

    18. Steve Harvey is a national treasure.

    19. Everyone should love an underdog.

    21. Are you too crazy or juuuuust crazy enough to make it through The Bachelor?

    22. Celebrate Modcloth's transgender model, Rye Silverman!

    23. Don't forget to tip your waiters.

    24. Did someone say hot DJs???

    25. Hey, aliens! NBD, just a couple quick Qs for ya.

    26. Texting, lying. Same thing.

    27. These are ONLY A FEW of some questions white people should answer.

    28. Careful! You might just get a spell cast on you!

    29. Sometimes being honest on Facebook is just too real.

    30. In case you want to bring up some interesting bear boner facts at your next party.

    31. Maybe your taste in men is what truly holds the keys to your soul.

    32. What if modern TV got the ol' NES treatment?

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