19 Things Dads Do According To Stock Photos

The whole spectrum of dads is covered here, but only if dads made no sense.

1. Pretending to let their son shave, even though he is wildly too young to do so.

Thinkstock / thinkstockphotos.com|Jupiterimages

2. Giving half-airplane/half-piggyback rides to kids.

Thinkstock / thinkstockphotos.com|omgimages

3. Timidly accepting gifts.

4. Napping (aka ignoring their child).

Thinkstock / thinkstockphotos.com|Ingram+Publishing

5. Proudly being the only guy who still takes his kid to the go-kart track.

Thinkstock / thinkstockphotos.com|Jon+Feingersh

6. Making swimming lessons slightly more tolerable.

7. Reading an e-reader outside.

Thinkstock / thinkstockphotos.com|Tommaso+Tagliaferri

8. Dangerously perching their daughter on the counter while baking something.

9. Putting up with this crap on his way out the door.

10. Tolerating technology.

Thinkstock / thinkstockphotos.com|ASIFE

11. Keeping secrets from Mom.

12. Gently scolding.

Thinkstock / thinkstockphotos.com|Top+Photo+Corporation

13. Letting his kid lie about their height.

14. Refraining from micromanaging in the kitchen.

15. Destroying property value.

16. Spooning a lot of people all at once.

17. Admiring landmarks from a blurry distance.

18. Not knowing how to play catch.


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