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22 Dogs All Tuckered Out After A Walk

All great walks deserve great naps!

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1. "Phew, just thinking about those squirrels I saw has got me snoozin'."

2. "I find myself quite lulled at this moment. I'm at peace."

3. "This is about all I can do right now."

4. "SUCH A GOOD WALK. But I'll need a few hours to recover from all this excitement."

5. "No more out of me today."

7. "Thank you so much for that walk! D'ya mind if we take a break before going home, though?"

8. "Can you just bring my dinner over here? I'm just too tired to get up right now!"

9. "Let's just watch whatever we have recorded."

10. "Snoozeville, population: me!"

11. "Just wanted to make sure you knew how much I loved that walk!"

13. "Ahhhh, just me and my pals, chillaxin' after a long walk. Ain't nothin' better!"

14. "I bet I'll dream about that walk. That's how dang good it was."

16. "Too... tired to... critique... driving skills. Please... take this left turn."

17. "You're the best walking buddy I could ever hope to have!"

18. "Don't think I'm being rude! My tongue is just a measure of contentment."

20. "A lil nose mud never hurt anybody. I'll be good to sleep once I get through with this bath."

21. "Won't be scooting over. You'll have to curl yourself around me if you want to fit."