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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Your Zodiac Sign

Here's your go-to guide for buying gifts for your friends based on when they were born. With science, nothing can go wrong!

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Aries are quick-witted and easily bored. They love a challenge, so a fast-paced word game like Catch Phrase is a great fit. Aries people can have a bit of a short fuse, so gift them some serenity with a Stash Tea set. But more than anything, Aries loves an adventure—depending on the daredevilish-ness of your own Aries, try a gift card for something like rock climbing or, in extreme cases, skydiving.

A Taurus loves security, so why not give your Taurus a pocket pepper spray? A comfy, cozy spa blanket is another great gift for the stolid Taurus sign. And because the Taurus can be prone to temper tantrums, we also suggest a soothing hobby gift like this knitting kit.

The Gemini is youthful with a strong inner child, so s/he would probably love to get the Toy Story complete DVD set. Indulge the Gemini's cunning and communicative wit with a board game like Wise and Otherwise, which challenges one's creativity and also rewards a convincing liar. Finally, calm the Gemini's nervous energy with a Winter Garden bath set.

Cancers are highly imaginative, so you may want to give them an idea journal in which they can record their brilliant inventions. Cancers are often considered "protectors," so they're likely to be pet people—try a gift card to PetSmart or another pet supply store. The need to protect and care can make some Cancers a bit clingy, but giving them something to take care of, like this Chinese elm, is likely to be appreciated.

A Leo, generous and a little bossy, loves to entertain. Giving them something useful for a party, like these sharing dishes or these beautiful coasters, is likely to be well-received and appreciated. Because Leos can become a bit full of themselves, this "Get Off Your High Horse" T-shirt might be appropriate for your Leo. As long as he or she has a sense of humor.

Virgos dislike noise and chaos, so noise-canceling headphones are an extremely appropriate gift. Your Virgo friend or family member is also likely meticulous and analytical, so why not give him/her a Eiffel Tower puzzle? And because the Virgo is prone to anxiety, a worry stone could definitely come in handy.

Libras, natural peacemakers, are likely to enjoy the tranquility of a white noise machine. You may have noticed that the Libra in your life has a hard time making up his or her mind—we suggest a Magic 8 ball. And because Libras enjoy both romanticism and socializing, send them (and a friend or two) to the movies with a theatre gift card.

Scorpios have a hard time articulating their many emotions— have them spell it out for you with the help of this "Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy" notepad. Because Scorpios are both hardworking and withdrawn, give them a soothing foot bath to enjoy in their own home. And because Scorpios take to hobbies with obsessive enthusiasm, get yours started on a great new one with The Smitten Kitchen cookbook.

Sagittarius are happy-go-lucky animal lovers, so they're likely to enjoy Boo: The Life of the World's Cutest Dog. Some people born under Sagittarius have trouble with domesticity, so give them a hand with a convenient household tool like a robotic floor cleaner. And because Sagittarius are daydreamy intellectuals who love travel, give them a fun map to put on the wall, like this map of locales in British literature.

Because many Capricorns are practical and prudent, get them something sensible like these fancy pens. The Capricorn in your life is likely to be a bit fatalistic, so help them find their center with this beginner's yoga kit. Capricorns can be a bit pessimistic, but that darkness (and the Capricorn wit) can be utilized for good with a game like Cards Against Humanity.

Because Aquarius tend to be friendly and loyal, they're likely to use their phones a LOT —let them give their phones a fresh look with a customized phone case. Aquarius personalities tend to enjoy periods of detached solitude that others might consider hermit-like—yours is likely to love some comfy lined slippers and this very, very large wine glass.

Pisces, ever the dreamer, could make good use of a place to record everything— try this pretty dream journal. Pisces' great imagination makes him/her a natural recipient of a gifted pottery painting outing or similar artistic class. And finally, give your escapist Pisces the opportunity for a temporary makeover with some whimsical temporary tattoos.

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