The 17 Cutest Ways To Start Your Day

    New year, new cute.

    1. Enjoy a super relaxing scrub!

    2. Eat your favorite thing, no matter what it is!

    3. Don't forget your fruits and veggies!

    4. Make sure your transportation is ready to go!

    5. Read a daily affirmation!

    6. Check that your style game is on point!

    7. Practice your secret handshake!

    8. Remind yourself of how smooth you are!

    9. Whisper sweet nothings to your significant other!

    10. Catch up on the town's gossip!

    11. Consider wearing your adorable, and sassy, pajamas to work!

    12. Sneak up on the day, that way it won't know what to expect!

    13. One last important stretch!

    14. Accessorize!

    15. Get in some quality cuddle time before you head out!

    16. Bask in the warmth of the sun and your awesomeness!

    17. Remember that you're the best at being you!