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16 Things Cats Should Be Thankful For This Year

'Tis the season to be grateful, but your cat probably doesn't even know that.

1. Having someone to share a cute selfie with.

2. Buddies who know when to just be there for you and not ask questions.

3. Learning to think in the box.

4. Gaining more skills in the kitchen, to maybe impress someone special.

5. Finally figuring out how math works.

6. Finding a very best friend who lets you be as unique as you wanna be.

7. Getting into exercising more.

8. Having a roommate that makes excellent beverage purchases.

9. Totally cheating (and getting away with it) for Halloween.

10. Beasting those core workouts.

11. Not falling for this obvious trap.

12. Booping the heck out of people.

13. Having someone to dramatically re-enact Titanic with.

14. Having a friend who naps as much as you do.

15. Getting a new "dog" bed.

16. Also, potassium.

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