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    11 New Tarot Spreads For Twentysomethings

    Time to put the ancient art of reading tarot to better use!

    Tarot is a card game which many people believe can give unique insight into our lives.

    Many times tarot readings are used to address life's bigger questions, but what about the smaller, everyday concerns of the average twentysomething? Here are 11 simple card spreads for the simpler stuff.

    All of these can be used with any tarot deck, and follow the traditional tarot reading structure — the person on whom the reading will focus should cut the deck, and the person doing the reading should pull the number of cards specified and read them in the order specified. Each card should be interpreted according to the numbered meaning found below it, and then the entire spread considered as a whole.

    Happy tarot-ing!

    1. What To Eat For Dinner

    2. What To Start Watching On Netflix

    3. What Stands Between You And Your Crush

    4. How Your Job Hunt Is Going

    5. Are They Going To Text You Back?

    6. What's Your Style Forecast For The Year

    7. Should You Go Out Tonight

    8. How To Address A Fight With A Friend

    9. Should You Try Online Dating

    10. How's Your Creative Project Going

    11. Your Relationship Prognosis