These Two Sun Bears Are Roly Poly Cuties

    As a part of the zoo's conservation and research programs, bears Milli and Toni have a new home!

    Sun bears are back at Chester Zoo!

    This endangered species hasn't been around this zoo since 1976 until this week! Milli and Toni made their grand arrival and are getting used to their new abode.

    Sun bears are native to Southeast Asia, so their habitat will have "plenty of trees to climb and places where they can forage for fruits, berries and nuts," the zoo said.

    Also included in the habitat: the perfect lens flare.

    Don't worry, they're not making fun of you! Sun bears use their tongues to eat "termites and ants, beetle larvae, bee larvae, honey" and lots of fruits.

    Sun bears, which are the smallest of all the bear species, are dwindling in numbers due to deforestation and poaching.

    These two bears were rescued as cubs by a conservation team working in Cambodia. Toni's mother was killed by poachers, while Milli was living as a poorly treated pet.

    But they're both doing much better now, even if they seem a little grumpy at times.

    And they're totally getting used to all the treats their new space has to offer.

    Congrats, Milli and Toni!

    And welcome home.

    To learn more about the zoo's conservation efforts, click here!