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    16 Adorable Sploots To Make You Smile

    Sometimes you just have to lie down, no matter what.

    1. The "Please Ignore Me" Sploot

    2. The "Why Doesn't Outdoors Have A/C" Sploot

    3. The " ...Nevermind" Sploot

    4. The "Two-For-The-Price-Of-One" Sploot

    5. The "Up Close And Fur-sonal" Sploot

    6. The "Little Sploot, Big 'Tude" Sploot

    7. The "What Do You Want From Me" Sploot

    8. The "I Cali-can't" Sploot

    9. The "Just Go Around Me" Sploot

    10. The "Lady And No Tramp" Sploot

    11. The "Where's The Dang Breeze" Sploot

    12. The "Naptime Is My Favorite Time" Sploot

    13. The "I'll Be Here Until Dinner" Sploot

    14. The "This Is My Life Now" Sploot

    15. The "Becoming One With The Earth" Sploot

    16. The "Thank Goodness I've Got My Summer Buddy" Sploot

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