Please Enjoy The Food Feud Between Martha Stewart And Gwyneth Paltrow

What a time to be alive.

1. After saying Gwyneth “just needs to be quiet” and stick to acting, Martha Stewart kicked off this KNOCK-OUT, DRAG-DOWN, SCANDALOUS fight between her and the GOOP-runner.

Getty Images for NYCWFF Rob Kim

2. Gwyneth replied, with some mild shade, by saying she’s “so psyched that she sees us as competition.”

AFP / Getty Images ROBYN BECK

3. This led Miss Martha herself to fire the first culinary shot in October with this pointedly named dessert recipe:

4. Why? Because she thought it was a good thing.

NBC / giphy.com

5. Gwyneth, of course, couldn’t let that slide, so she recently posted this judiciously judgmental cake recipe:

6. Why? Because the GOOP don’t mess around.

  1. So, whose dessert are you gonna choose?
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