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    16 Things Stay-At-Home Cats Do Every Day

    Not one "thank you."

    1. Admiring the cleanest windows ever, all thanks to them.

    2. Making sure their baking projects go untouched until they're ready to be served.

    3. Trying to clean between the couch cushions and getting a little too into it.

    4. Waiting for the kids to come home.

    5. Trying to learn how to sew, so they can stop spending so much on tailors and whatnot.

    6. Finding new ways to entertain themselves.

    7. Being able to nap however they find comfortable.

    8. Giving great advice.

    9. Keeping their online shopping addiction under control.

    10. Enjoying quiet time with the family.

    11. Being too proud to ask for help taking out the trash.

    12. Never going to parties but then the ONE TIME THEY DO, walking in wearing the same outfit as someone else.

    13. Yelling at the neighborhood hooligans to keep it down during quiet time.

    14. Working hard, but playing harder.

    15. Getting spooked by someone sneaking up on them when they thought the house was empty.

    16. Spending quality time with the kids.

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