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16 Cats Who Are The Queens Of Spring

Don't ever come between a cat and her blooms.

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1. "This flower bloomed because I told it to."

2. "Look how well these flowers frame my essence!"

3. "This is my happy place."

4. "Sometimes hiding a little bit is what best accentuates my features."

5. "These guys totally pass my smell inspection!"

6. "Who cares if I get dirt on me? Nature is the best bed."

7. "You did a lovely job with these! They'll go great in my collection."

8. "Quick! Make sure that dog doesn't step on my beauties!"

9. "I like to keep a close eye on things, just in case."

10. "How DARE you use such harsh language around my sensitive blooms!"

11. "Is there anywhere else more peaceful than right here? I should think not."

12. "I take my flowers VERY seriously."

13. "Does this plant make me look extra fluffy?"

14. "Don't take another step closer. You're too close to my sweets."

15. "Finally! A flower large enough to suit a queen, indeed!"

16. "And with that, you must bid me and my garden adieu."