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This Artist Turns Food Messes Into Amazing Art

Messy food = neat photographs!

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Artist Giulia Bernardelli sees food a little differently than the rest of us. To her, messes are simply opportunities to create something wonderful.

2. Don't say "oh no!" to this melty John and Yoko.

3. A lady doesn't kiss and spill.

5. The language of the farm is all Greek to me.

6. A little reading in the morning is good for the soul.

7. Some might object to the spilling of liqueur, but alas, it's for a good cause.

8. The tree of life seems much sweeter now.

9. Don't Walken away from these spilled spices!

11. Eyes are the windows to the breakfast spread, for sure.

12. As long as the spills stay on the table, everything should be fine.

13. More like Angela STRAW-bury.

14. Don't worry - Nutella would never be wasted. It'll go to a good home.

15. ♫ Cats in the coffee, and the silver spoon... ♫

16. Who knew what a magical world existed inside our cups!

17. Surely Miss Ava Gardner deserves as many portraits as possible.

18. And even if something unexpected comes along, we've at least learned not to "wine" about it. Time to stretch and make the best of things!

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