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What It's Like To Be A "Crazy Cat Lady," According To Instagram

These are their stories.

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Snacktime isn't complete until their buddy is included.

Most pieces of furniture have been co-opted.

Even beverages must come with cat-approved designs.

There's rarely a seat available at the table for a CCL, meaning dinner is usually eaten while standing over the sink.

Accessories are points of pride that prove their love.

Studying for exams has become increasingly difficult.

In order to show their cats the respect they deserve, there's usually some kind of larger-than-life "shrine" in a CCL's home.

Also, their cats are able to go wherever their furry feet wish to take them, since they're truly the ones in charge.

Cats have even taken over simple pieces of d├ęcor.

CCLs care about letting the ~true inner personalities~ of their buddies shine through.

(This includes letting them roam both high and low.)

Most of a CCL's fashion decisions are decided for them. It's for the best.

Dinner must be cooked to very exact specifications, but good pals should be easy to please.

And yes, even their cats have cats.

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