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    Posted on Jul 25, 2014

    The Definitive Ranking Of The 5 Best Dog Sex GIFs

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    5. Silent Jackhammer

    Tenacity. Fortitude. Hopefulness. This lil guy displays it all with a sense of humility that keeps him grounded. He's not trying to reach beyond his means, because he knows he's confident in himself. We can all learn from this guy, and his need for speed.

    4. Misreading the Situation

    This is what we in the professional dog sex GIF industry call a perfect moment. A seized opportunity. A chance taken. A moment of great suspense, followed by pure intimacy, however fleeting. It's an inspiration, really. A message to make every moment matter.

    3. Mount Olympus

    Look, sometimes you fall in love with someone and you two have a big size difference. It's okay. You two are in love. This little guy shows the perseverance to give his lady what she wants (she expressly told him she wanted to have some intimate moments but was afraid they could not, she just doesn't know he hasn't given up.) He does not give up, he shows her how much he can love her, they got married the week after.

    2. Getting Belchered

    The technique here is the true treasure of this interaction. This isn't just sex. It's magic. It's enchantment. It's beauty. And it's proof that even the suavest moves will only get you so far.

    1. Let's Get Sickening

    Everyone does embarrassing things during sex. Most of them are too-much-food or alcohol related. This champ is embarrassed but he rolls with the vom. The two didn't speak again but you know what, he learned from it. And he got to eat that delicious burrito twice.

    Credit for thumbnail image: Thinkstock

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