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    16 Signs You're Too Ready For Spring Break

    It's so close and yet so far away. Whether you're planning on partying or headed home to the 'rents, you're just glad to be going outta town.

    1. You're constantly dreaming about warmer weather.

    2. Your outfits have switched into complete denial of the cold weather around you.

    3. There's no WAY school can hold your attention now.

    4. You've already started practicing your signature pose for any photo ops.

    5. The trip is, like, planned already thanks to you and your BFF.

    6. Your goal is to try eating healthier now so that you can pig out all break long without regrets or shame.

    7. Packing? ALREADY DONE.

    8. You called "shotgun" WEEKS ago.

    9. Emails are already set to "I'M ON VACATION" even though you're, like, not.

    10. Zero laundry has been done because soon you will be going home where laundry is done for free. This is the only explanation for your clothing choices lately.

    11. Your DVR, or Netflix queue, is prepared for your binge-watch of choice.

    Good find with "Real Housewives of the Ocean."

    12. Lucky for you, you've already got your vacation pajamas all sorted out.

    13. Three words: PLANNED SNACK SCHEDULE.

    14. You've started napping more often now so that you can stay up partying when the time comes. Think of it like a bank but for resting.

    15. Your mom has heard from you like five times by now, but you're just making sure your room at home will be "ready."

    16. The airline requirements list has been checked multiple times and you are just READY TO FLY! LET'S GO!

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