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15 Shy Kitties Who Are Too Adorable For Their Own Good

They may try to hide their faces, but you know how cute they are.

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2. "There's no way I'm as cute as you say I am."

3. "I'm just trying to enjoy this beautiful view in peace!"

4. "This box understands me."

5. "Isn't this plant doing such a good job?"

8. "You can only view me from a distance."

9. "I'm such a good hider."

10. "Nooo, I'm not that cute when I first wake up!"

11. "Curses! You find my secret hiding spot!"

12. "At least I'm cozy, too."

13. "I'm not being dramatic, you are!"

14. "I'll be in here if you need me."

15. "You'll never understand how much work it is to be this adorable."