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22 Sexy And Confident Vegan Doughnuts

They're living life to the FULLEST.

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1. "I'm not afraid to show off my glaze every now and then."

2. "I feel great in public!"

3. "Sophistication is key."

4. "Good things come in small packages."

5. "I'm not afraid of a horizontal stripe!"

6. "There's a difference between cockiness and confidence, guys. I got this."

7. "Don't worry about being too extravagant. There's no such thing."

8. "Sometimes being a little nutty is a good thing."

9. "I have a delicate, cake-y breaky exterior, but I'm strong on the inside."

11. "We're raised on an elegant pedestal, where we belong."


13. "Just three totally perfect pairs hanging out together!"

14. "We call ourselves the 'Trio of Deliciousness' for a reason. Just look at us!"

15. "A little extra topping never hurt anyone!"

16. "Wouldn't you like to wake up next to this in the morning?'

17. "Ore-oh no I didn't? Oh yes I did!"

18. "I mix and match styles because I'm a little daring."

19. "Sweet. Simple. Sprinkles. That's what I'm about."

20. "Fresh flowers are the perfect accessory."

21. "Everyone looks a little bedraggled in the morning, even us!"

22. "I've got a lot of layers on under there."

"(Just made you say 'underwhere!')"

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