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Send This To Your Parents To Explain iOS 7

Technology doesn't have to be new and scary!

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1. Here is what the new home screen will look like once you've updated your phone.

Left: iOS 6, Right: iOS 7.

There's just a little more style to the new icons and less of a 3D effect. Otherwise, not too bad! It looks generally the same.


2. If you're looking for the old icons, here are some side-by-side comparisons of what they look like now.

The design is just a little simpler and cleaner, so no one has to think as hard about what they're trying to find.

3. This is the Control Center. Think of it as a remote control for your phone! You can access all sorts of things from here that will help you be more efficient.

You can access your Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the phone at any time, even from the lock screen.

Top row: AirPlay mode, Wi-FI, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and the screen orientation lock.

Second row: Screen brightness.

Third row: Music control.

Fourth row: AirDrop/AirPlay.

Fifth row: Flashlight, timer/alarm, calculator, camera.

4. Closing apps is a little different now, but it's also sort of easier!

You'll double click the home button like you used to — instead of tapping the "X" that comes up after holding an app button down, find the app that you want to close and swipe up on the app.

Easy peasy!

5. Your camera will give you options when you take a photo, but they won't confuse you.

When you open the Camera, you can now choose between Video, Panorama, Still or Square (it'll be pre-cropped for Instagram!).

There's also a little button that looks like a venn diagram; the new Camera now has built-in filters for your photos.

6. Don't swipe to the left to find your Spotlight Search, just swipe down!

You can access your Spotlight search, the tool that lets you type in the name of anything on your phone and it'll bring it right up, by dragging your thumb down on your home screen.

Where you drag is a little different if you want the Notification Center; for that, you drag from the VERY top of your screen and pull down.

7. The Notification Center shows you everything it did before, just a little bit differently.

See your calendar events, the stocks of the day (which, why?), as well as your alerts and messages that you might've missed.

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