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    Remember That One Time Lil Bub Gifted Us All With A Week Full Of Adorably Weird Faces?

    The world's most beloved cat showed us all what she can do with her amazing face last week. Could this be a new holiday?

    1. The "Smile Like You Mean It" Face

    2. The "Zen & Jerry's" Face

    3. The " Busy Controlling Minds, Or Just Confused" Face

    4. The "Perfectly Bored With Your Story, Yawwwwn" Face

    5. The "Been This Cutely Surprised Since Birth" Face

    6. The "Don't Hate Me Cuz You Ain't Me" Face

    7. The "I LOL In The Face Of Danger" Face

    BONUS: The "Sometimes A Little Evil Needs To Slip Out" Face

    Excellent job with your face, Bub!

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