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7 Reasons Why Josh Duhamel Is The Perfect Puppy Parent

Not only is Josh Duhamel a great parent to his son Axl, he's also an excellent dog dad. He also has a new webseries with PetSmart Charities called Rescue Waggin’: Tales from the Road which features inspiring stories of dogs moving from overcrowded shelters to ones where they have more of a chance.

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In a recent chat with BuzzFeed, Josh Duhamel explains why adopting pets from shelters is so important and why everyone should jump on board the rescue wagon.

1. He knows how rewarding being a puppy parent can be.

Sherrie Buzby / PetSmart Charities

It can be a lot of responsibility, "but you get back ten-fold," Josh said. "It's so much fun to teach them new things and to even potty train them."

2. He didn't have pets growing up, so he has a newfound appreciation for them.

Sherrie Buzby / PetSmart Charities

Because he didn't grow up with animals, it "didn’t resonate with me. I didn't understand the impact they could have on you," he said.

3. He knows that getting a dog ready to go on the adoption floor is a lot of hard work.

Sherrie Buzby / PetSmart Charities

"You're kind of like a used dog salesman," Josh joked. Shelters that he's worked with around the country, including ones like Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, Minnesota, really make sure all animals are ready for adoption before they're shown to any potential new families. They're washed and trained, just for you!


4. He doesn't think an animal should be judged by the fact that it's in a shelter.

Sherrie Buzby / PetSmart Charities

Part of his work with his new webseries, "Rescue Waggin’: Tales from the Road," involved taking dogs from over-crowded shelters and bringing them to shelters where they might have more of a chance of being adopted.

There's a "stigma with these dogs, that there’s something wrong with them, but that's usually not the case," Josh said. "They're perfectly happy and healthy and usually more loyal and affectionate. They come to understand and appreciate you that much more."

5. He definitely understands not to take on more than he thinks he can handle.

Sherrie Buzby / PetSmart Charities

At these shelters, there are a ton of cute animals to potentially take home. "Every time we do one of these events, there are usually three or four animals that I'm seriously eyeing to take home," he said. "But right now, I'm just focusing on raising my son."

6. Plus, his sweet dog, Zoe, loves him unconditionally.


He got Zoe about 9 years ago, and even though he was "terrified" and didn't know if he "could handle the responsibility," he knew he always wanted a dog to call his own. Seems like it's worked out quite well for the two of them!

7. Most importantly, he gets that a happy home is all a dog really needs at the end of the day.

Sherrie Buzby / PetSmart Charities

For Josh, it's "cool to see dogs that were scared or stressed out in a crowded shelter out on the adoption floor." To hear a family “gasp and say that’s the one I want!' That dog walking away with that family could easily have been a goner," Josh said.

To learn more about Rescue Waggin’: Tales from the Road, Josh's new webseries with PetSmart Charities, watch the inspiring trailer below:

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The series is eight episodes long, features other animal lovers like Kristen Bell, and premieres on March 3!