22 Reasons Why Having A Quiet New Year's Eve Is Secretly The Best

    Ain't no party like not going to a party.

    1. Your party can, and will, be as calm as you'd like it to be.

    2. The chances of mysterious messes are severely reduced.

    3. You get to judge the crazy New Year's specials on every channel to see what shenanigans go down.

    4. Apple cider is SO EXCITING now because it's ~*~SPARKLING~*~!

    5. No need to bother with confusing overcoats because you're staying in!

    6. It's super easy to avoid watching people awkwardly countdown before kissing someone in a socially forced way.

    7. Feel free to get as comfortable as possible, no matter where you're spending the night.

    8. No more worrying about how to get home! YOU'RE ALREADY HOME.

    9. You get to watch the fireworks in your area...

    10. ...and from around the world, thanks to the magic of television.

    11. Maybe now's the time to rent a romantic cabin to ring in the new year in a special way.

    12. You can (at least attempt to) watch the celebrations from the comfort of your own bubble bath.

    13. By staying home, you won't have to go deaf in a crazy loud bar.

    14. Excellent cell reception at your house means easily receiving texts from your exes and family members late at night.

    15. None of that uncomfortable thing called "fashion" unless you're down to put in effort.

    16. Use the opportunity to have a romantic date at home.

    17. Do you know what you won't have to clean up? Confetti.

    18. It'll be so easy for you to remember what happened that night.

    19. Going camping with your significant other is probably a really peaceful way to kick the new year off.

    20. You can use your peace and quiet to make a list of resolutions for the next year.

    21. Make bets on how uncomfortable comedian Kathy Griffin can make serious journalist Andersoon Cooper live on CNN.

    22. You get to make fun of anyone in your house who falls asleep before midnight!