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    21 Reasons Why Breakfast Is The Most Adorable Meal

    Because Breakfast With Melvin is the cutest little blog you've ever seen, that's why.

    1. "Flipping flapjacks is my favorite pastime!"

    2. "Gotta watch my heart health."

    3. "It's 5 a.m. somewhere!"

    4. "Who says a light yogurt isn't manly??"

    5. "This box is allllllllllllll for me!"

    6. "I may be miniature, but these waffles sure aren't."

    7. "Makin' sure I get my full serving of sass."

    8. "Hmm, it didn't come out quite like the picture, but I think I did a fine job!"

    9. "I even fetched the cinnamon sticks!"

    10. "Hurry up and sit down so I can start eating! This egg in a basket waits for no one."

    11. "Let me have this private, personal moment with my food."

    12. "Family Size or Melvin Size? I'll be the judge of that."

    13. "Just call me the cinnamon roll model!"

    14. "Bacon, egg and cheese? Yes, please!"

    15. "Don't you dare badmouth Ohio in this house today. Not in front of the doughnuts."

    16. "It's the little things in life, you guys."

    17. "With this protein shake, we can grow up big and strong!"

    18. "Arteries, please forgive me today."

    19. "On the eighth day, Dog God created pecan rolls. I'm convinced of it."

    20. "I enjoy only the finest things in life, including fashions and food."

    21. "Dippable eggs! What'll they think of next?"

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