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    16 Reasons Being Petite Is The Cutest Thing Ever

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    1. "If I feel like a lion on the inside, then I should definitely express it on the outside!"

    2. "I could relax on this couch all day because it's so roomy for me!"

    3. "Being closer to the desk means naps are way easier."

    4. "Just because my paw is small doesn't mean it's lacking sass."

    5. "Playtime is more of a workout, which is a win-win for me!"

    6. "You shouldn't expect me to help out with housework. Who else would stand around looking cute?!"

    7. "Cuddling is a breeze, especially with my good buddy here."

    8. "And just in case snacktime happens on my level, I'm prepared."

    9. "I can see all my devoted admirers from here. Finally!"

    10. "I prefer being in the middle of the action in the kitchen, if you don't mind."

    11. "From here I can tell which part of the house is missing the holiday spirit the most. (Hint: it might be you!)"

    12. "Every side is my good side!"

    13. "It's ok! I know you didn't see me sitting here, but I'm for sure not giving this primo seat. It's the best one!"

    14. "Drinking from a glass can be a patient sort of sport. Gotta be prepared for anything."

    15. "Nature provides an excellent splash of color to your outlook. I recommend it! Even the smallest of shrubs can be nice."

    16. "Finally, a way to expend all of my adorable energy!"