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    17 Foods That Taste Better When Reading

    No smudges on the pages, please!

    1. Scrambled eggs and toast make for quite a balanced literary breakfast.

    2. Eggs Benedict won't betray this read!

    3. A smoothie with a side of Gooch.

    4. Bonus points if your berries match your book!

    5. Cherries for when you need to keep things simple.

    6. Balancing the book and your plate is the only tricky part.

    7. Foot long, 'nuf said.

    8. Maybe your reading material requires a more savory array.

    9. Maybe that bear would like some of that salmon?

    10. Even e-readers deserve some crinkle fries!

    11. This waffle will soon be "vanishing," too!

    12. Oatmeal is perfect for the books that take you back to childhood.

    13. Books and bananas can give you energy!

    14. A lil coffee, a lil pastry and a lil Coelho.

    15. More like I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon to this lovely lunch!

    16. Maybe a magazine will inspire you to choose a healthier option?

    17. Either way, the art of #readingandeating is a time for you to snack and reconnect with your favorite things.