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    21 Photos That Prove Jenna Marbles' Dogs Are Heckin' Adorable

    Kermit and Mr. Marbles are two of the cutest buds on Instagram.

    1. Their sense of style could NOT be more on point.

    2. Kermit knows proper hygiene habits are important to maintain.

    3. Mr. Marbles is an expert at asking questions.

    4. They make sure their pals are ready for a pajama party at a moment's notice.

    5. They never take themselves too seriously!

    6. And their seductive glances are top notch.

    7. A snuggle buddy is never out of reach with these two.

    8. Kermit knows there's no shame in napping whenever you're sleepy.

    9. They know good exercise is important!

    10. Plus, Mr. Marbles is really, really good at listening.

    11. And Kermit is really good at kissing, obviously.


    13. When they snooze, they snooze real hard...

    14. ...especially when it's a group snooze.

    15. Plus, they're portable! Just in case they want to cuddle on the go.

    16. (See?)

    17. They only exhibit very proper table manners, as they are gentlemen.

    18. They also know how to work a Casual Friday look with the best of them.

    19. Thanks to their mom, they get a boost of confidence every day.

    20. Kermit can get down to business at the drop of a hat.

    21. And best of all, they have each other to lean on, no matter what!

    You can also watch their antics on Jenna's crazy popular YouTube channel:

    View this video on YouTube

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