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    Photography Project Captures YouTube Stars In The Style Of Glamorous Old Hollywood

    Robin Roemer shows the unique spirit of today's celebrities, YouTube stars, through the aesthetic of Old Hollywood glamour portraits.

    As entertainment becomes more accessible and digestible, the stars of today become familiar to us, attainable in a way that celebrity has never been in the past.The purpose of this project was to take today's most familiar form of celebrity, the YouTube creator, and capture them in an analog way. The stars and starlets of glamorous Old Hollywood, who also lived in a new golden age of media, were immortalized in film; a process left behind in a digital age. I pay homage to the film lighting greatness of George Hurrell and celebrate the imaginative and enterprising spirit of the YouTube creator in this project all about contrast.

    Robin gives "special thanks to Mari Mendez (lighting assist), Wendy Diaz (hair), Maribel Moreno (makeup), Sara Medd (wardrobe), and Elizabeth Kott/Closet Rich (wardrobe)."

    Robin Roemer is a Los Angeles-based portrait photographer. You can follow Robin on Instagram: @robinshoots.