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17 Times Petunia Tendler-Mulaney Was Your Inspiration

Somehow, she makes being awesome look effortless.

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1. When she schooled you in proper airport etiquette.

2. When she oyster'd up for bedtime.

3. When she took her nap to the next, and lower, level in order to keep things real.

4. When she knew EXACTLY what she wanted, and that something was popcorn.

5. When she tried to explain the correct way to relax on a couch.

6. When she found out natural lighting is the most flattering lighting.

7. When she did not laugh at your "got lei'd" joke because it'll never be funny.

8. When she took her time getting up in the morning because perfection is not to be rushed.

9. When she only mildly stole the show at her parents' wedding.

10. When she learned how to ask someone else to get her snack when she's just too comfy.

11. When she proved you can lounge anywhere, ever, and still look casual.

12. When she celebrated her birthday the only way she knew how: in style!

13. When she took her reading club very seriously because she feels literary discussions are important for our culture.

14. When she laughed at her own joke because she likes to acknowledge true comedic accomplishments, even if they're her own.

15. When she didn't try to hide her extreme donut excitement.

16. When she pretended to be thinking deep thoughts but was really planning what to watch on Netflix later.

17. And most importantly, when she illustrated how luxurious it is to be a butterfly.

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