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18 Annoying Questions Petite Girls Are Tired Of Answering

No, I'm not part Leprechaun.

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1. "Are your parents that short, too?"

2. "Would you mind sitting in the middle during this road trip?"

3. "Does it get annoying hanging out with normal-sized friends all the time?"

5. "How's the weather down there?"

6. "Are you still growing or is this... like... it for you?"

7. "Do you think your kids will be as short as you or more like normal?"

8. "Do you ever wish you were taller?"

9. "Where's your mom, little one? Oh... I'm so sorry, I thought you were a kid!"

10. "Do you only hang out with other short people so it doesn't look weird?"

11. "Can you try to keep up? I walk faster than you since I'm so much taller."

12. "Are you part Leprechaun?"

13. "What are you going to be for Halloween, an elf? A fairy? A child?"

14. "Can your feet reach the pedals when you drive?!"

15. "Are sports harder for you?"

16. "So, like, when did you stop growing?"

17. "Where do you even buy clothes that fit you?"

18. "Hey, isn't it like they always say? 'Good things come in small packages,' right?"

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