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14 Thoughtful Life Lessons From George The Cat

He may be small of stature, but he is mighty in spirit!

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1. "Always thoroughly examine your steak dinners. Quality is key!"

2. "Just wait patiently until you're alone so you can sneak the good toilet paper into the bathroom."

3. "I like waking up before even the earliest of birds so I can beat them to breakfast."

4. "It's good to routinely patrol your domain, just in case an intruder gets any bright ideas."

5. "Do nice things, like cleaning the living room, without telling people. They'll appreciate it more if you don't brag about it."

6. "Go ahead and be your own surprise party!"

7. "Even if it takes a long time, finishing big projects, like my art masterpieces, makes it alllllll worth it."

8. "Hide from your friends with their favorite snacks! That way, you can spook them but then make it all better."

9. "Start being awesome as early as possible in life."

10. "If you're not happy with your meal, it's always OK to send it back."

11. "But most importantly, life is best when you get rest. In other words..."

12. "...catching z's is good for me's. Or..."

13. "...forty winks is fun, methinks. But before I go..."

14. "...if you're confused, just take a snooze!"

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