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    53 Pet Adoption Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

    PetSmart Charities and followers of BuzzFeed Animals on Twitter told these touching stories of animal adoptions.

    1. Po Larson

    PetSmart Charities

    This is Po. She joined a family that already had 14 human children because one of the daughters decided to volunteer with the Animal Rescue Foundation of Illinois. What a big family to give a lot of love!

    2. Missy and Boomer

    Twitter: @RandiSaysHello

    "Missy and Boomer about to go home with their new family after being abandoned!"

    3. Buddy

    Twitter: @Pugglepair

    "Buddy on the way to his 'furever' home. Sweetest dog who loves to cuddle!"

    4. Badger

    Twitter: @juliamoore31

    "Badger is living the high life on his way home from the shelter!"

    5. Pete Campbell

    Twitter: @joshuajezioro

    "Here's our Pete Campbell the pomchi on the way home from us adopting him!"

    6. Enzo

    PetSmart Charities

    Enzo only has three legs, but he doesn't let that stop him from enjoying life! His owner, Anastasia, thought he might have trouble getting around her 3-level townhouse, but it turns out he's amazing at climbing stairs and running around the whole place.

    7. Theo

    Twitter: @alexinhwood

    "Finally out of his cage! Time to go home! #babytheo"

    8. Linus

    Twitter: @miestheriosa

    "Linus, abandoned 3 times bfore, on her way home. Now she's happy with @SophieNotten"

    9. Rosie

    Twitter: @roger_mexico

    "Our Bassett Hound Rosie just after she hopped in the car."

    10. Miracle

    PetSmart Charities

    Miracle was found on the side of the road - "one of her eyes was out of socket, she had multiple skull fractures and brain damage." Luckily, the Forman family found her and brought her back to health. She was their 39th foster pet, and Miracle is now a certified therapy dog!

    11. Dungey

    Twitter: @liz_jensen

    "Dungey, smiling on his way home from @AnimalLeague at only 8 weeks old :)"

    12. Lilly

    Twitter: @binhaf

    "Here's Lilly getting familiar with the place after being adopted"

    13. Zoe

    PetSmart Charities

    Zoe and Lori first met at a PetSmart Charities adoption center and bonded right away - both of them are breast cancer survivors! These two share a very unique bond and are so thankful to have each other.

    14. Oliver

    Twitter: @britt_thomas

    "Oliver was so happy to be adopted, he jumped into the trunk of our car! #Love"

    15. Luke


    "I adopted Luke at Nashville HumaneSociety after he fell asleep on me w his sister!"

    16. This sweet puppy boy.

    Twitter: @JElliott423

    "it was love at first sight! We adopted our sweet boy from our local shelter :)"

    17. Chessie

    PetSmart Charities

    The executive producer of PetSmart Charities' own Rescue Waggin' documentary ended up falling in love with one of the kittens featured in the story. His coworkers weren't surprised that he flew home with a new buddy, but his wife was! Oops...

    18. Dudley

    Twitter: @pogomunk

    "Dudley hopped in the box himself and waited for us to finish his adoption paperwork!"

    19. These good buddies.

    Twitter: @britt_thomas

    "And don't forget about older animals at shelters, they have so much love to give!"

    20. Wilson

    Twitter: @Aelu319

    "Wilson's first nap in his new home."

    21. Dottie

    PetSmart Charities

    Dottie is a deaf pit bull/Dalmatian mix who was about to be put down when Cynthia, an SPCA volunteer with Addison's disease decided to overlook her flaws. She was able to teach her sign language commands for "sit," "down," "shake," and "high five." Anything is possible!

    22. Millie

    Twitter: @stephaniemar

    "Millie resting in the car after her long trip up from south when we picked her up."

    23. Ellie

    Twitter: @abbeyshea

    "Today is the perfect day for @BuzzFeedAnimals #adoptionpetpic because it is my #rescuemutt Ellie's 4th birthday!"

    24. Joy

    PetSmart Charities

    This little dog, Joy, was able to bring U.S. Navy veteran Sherrie comfort from her post-traumatic stress disorder. “Joy came out of her cage and put her paws around my neck," said Sherrie. "I fell in love right then and there."

    25. Penny

    Twitter: @AlliBuffaloEats

    "Penny was abandoned but was all smiles on her way home from @CBASpets in August!"

    26. Stark

    Twitter: @wafflehouse48

    "stark was left in a box at a vet clinic. Girlfriend met him and fell in love."

    27. Ruby

    Twitter: @funkeybaby

    "My poor skinny Ruby. @AnimalRescueLg found her as a stray and I brought her home."

    28. These adorable kitty buddies.

    Twitter: @Irene_EMa

    "rescue kitties!! nighty night!!"

    29. Orion

    PetSmart Charities

    A tiny orange kitten reached out and clawed Nicole, a cashier at a PetSmart store. Even though he ripped her shirt, they made an instant connection. “People tell me that I did a great deed by rescuing my cat, but the truth is that he rescued me," said Nicole. "Every person should know what a home feels like completed with the love of a pet.”

    30. Penelope

    Twitter: @gabbywerre

    "Penelope on her ride home after I adopted her! Some1 abandoned her b/c she had parvo"

    31. Willow

    Twitter: @adunkin0428

    "Willow was found as a stray and went unclaimed at the shelter. We got lucky :)."

    32. Winnie

    PetSmart Charities

    Winnie is one of 13 dogs who were rescued from a pretty dangerous situation. At an adoption fair, Winnie placed a big, ol' sloppy kiss on Shari's cheek. It was love at first sight!

    33. Calley

    Twitter: @domo_osso

    "@BuzzFeedAnimals & #adoptionpetpic are making my day! This is my bae, got her 12 years ago. #Calleycat"

    34. This inspirational pooch.

    Twitter: @morganraee

    "first ride home for this three-legged babe"

    35. Lew Dog

    Twitter: @JesArcher

    "First photo of my Lew Dog at her forever home. Was given up because she was 'too much to handle.'"

    36. Onyx

    PetSmart Charities

    Onyx had to be majorly cleaned by the shelter, and she was also getting to be kind of old to be on the adoption floor. That seemed like a lot of odds being stacked against her. Luckily, Phyllis, who had been keeping track of Onyx's progress on the adoption website, snatched her up to bring her home to her 7-year-old dog at home. They all loved each other!

    37. This curious little bunny.

    Twitter: @Maximusthelop

    "First day home with momma exploring the bathroom"

    38. This fuzzy dude.

    Twitter: @masticateyrcake

    "This dude used to be the shelter bully."

    39. Lucy

    PetSmart Charities

    Poor Lucy, a Cocker Spaniel and poodle mix, was rescued from a terrible puppy mill situation in South Carolina by her owner, Casey. Lucy is still working with a trainer to learn how to be a dog. “For a dog that’s been used to laying in her own urine and feces all day, Lucy has been amazing with housebreaking,” said Casey.

    40. Sophie

    Twitter: @CinnamonHearts3

    "Sophie adopted as a senior from the shelter. Had her claws removed by previous owner"

    41. Moe

    Twitter: @kat_ferraro

    "our rescue kitty Moe was adopted after our first cat died. Moe rescued us!"

    42. Diesel

    Twitter: @sarabumstead

    "his was Diesel's first night home with us. He adjusted pretty quickly! <3 him!"

    43. This tiny little friend.

    Twitter: @MaizeyPumpkin

    "Dad made me feel safe and let me ride behind his back for the hour drive home"

    44. This excited pup.

    Twitter: @veeevs

    "Ready to conquer the world w/my new mommy! OTW home from @NKLA's adoption event!"

    45. Rex

    PetSmart Charities

    Zoey is only 12-years-old, but she's a dedicated volunteer for the All Herding Breed Dog Rescue group. Rex has a bad leg, but Zoey is working toward fully rehabilitating it. Rex loves running through Zoey's big backyard, and he even tries to herd their horses! All the exercise and love is really helping him recover.

    46. Lily

    Twitter: @TROGDOHR

    "Lily came home January 2013 from @WiscHumane and have never been happier! #corgi"

    47. Toaster (AKA Gemma)

    Twitter: @JillianBraun

    "Toaster/Gemma on her way our foster home. Available for adoption in Chicago!"

    48. Huck

    Twitter: @etlink

    "This is Huck's #adoptionpetpic. His smile on the way home was big, but ours was bigger"

    49. Harris

    Twitter: @LuvLibertyPeace

    "This is Harris coming home...he loves his two dogs & lizard!"

    50. Ryder

    Twitter: @brag

    "Foster dog Ryder on her way to a checkup. Full story here."

    51. Artemis

    Twitter: @GoFeiockYoSelf

    "Our puppy, Artemis, on her very first day with us"

    52. This cuddly kitty.

    Twitter: @bornsaucy

    "this is my rescue kitty on her 2nd night at home (1st night spent behind fridge!)"

    53. Charlie

    Twitter: @roger_mexico

    "Charlie on adoption day. He was surrendered twice before we adopted him 2 years ago."

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