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18 Times Princesses Were Down To Earth

Fudge and Liquorice are two guinea pig princesses who are challenging princess norms by being ADORABLE.

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1. "A royal dinner doesn't have to be some big production. We enjoy the simpler things."

2. "We really do use our own phone! None of that silly secretary nonsense."

3. "Though we do enjoy a nice gala, sometimes we can appreciate staying in and kicking our little feet up."

4. "Princesses can learn new fashion tips from anywhere!"

5. "Don't tell anyone, but we still sleep with stuffed animals!"

6. "The best type of crown..."

7. " totally a flower crown! We love being one with nature."

8. "And even though the great outdoors is sometimes scary and dirty..."

9. "...we know fresh air is good for us."

10. "We love showing off our video game skills! Don't even TRY to mess with us."

11. "We're even top notch at the more 'analog' games, too."

12. "Like other princesses, we love to travel."

13. "We also love keeping our hobbies fresh. Can't let our skills grow dull!"

14. "We prefer to eat healthy! None of that 'fried' this or 'twice-baked' business."

15. "We know exercise is important! Plus, we like to set a good example for the kids out there."

16. "We also try to read a little before bed each night. Because above all else..."

17. "...we know that keeping ourselves cultured is key."

18. "But most of all, there isn't any sisterly rivalry between these princesses. Showing your family you love them is important!"

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