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Pain Au Chocolat Is Actually The Saddest Pastry On Earth

The pastries have faces, and their faces are sad.

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2. "At least we're all in this together."

3. "Not even the pretty packaging can cheer us up."

4. "There's almost a comfort in knowing your certain fate."

7. "Let her get me. It's inevitable."

8. "I have my own little pedestal. That's nice. For now. Nice is fleeting."

10. "Your technology is pointless."

11. "Hello, my frothy companion. We will travel down this desolate path together."

13. "We'll be partners until the very end."

14. "Even my stripes cannot cheer me up."

15. "Studying is the bane of my existence. So is existing."

16. "My crispy exterior does reflect who I am on the inside."

17. "Just because I'm small doesn't mean I don't feel the same amount of dread as my larger brethren."

18. "My spirit animal is: why."

19. "We're keeping calm. Very calm. Extremely calm. More than calm. Dead calm."

20. "Hello, owl pal. It's just you and me... for now."


22. "Taste our bite-sized pain. TASTE IT."

23. "I only have eyes for you, mon cherie. Until the bittersweet end..."

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