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    Posted on Feb 2, 2015

    This Male Calico Kitten Is Incredibly Rare And Adorable

    He's here, he's rare, he's up for adoption!

    This is the stately Sherman.

    He showed up at the Humane Society Silicon Valley recently, full of energy!

    In addition to his spunky attitude, Sherman also has a secret to tell you.

    He's incredibly rare! There's a less than 0.1% chance of a calico cat being born male.

    “It’s like a unicorn! I’ve been involved with shelters for 20 years and I have never seen one," said Dr. Andrea Berger, an HSSV veterinarian.

    Sherman's a rare lil' diamond but, like millions of other cats across the country, he needs a good home!

    You can check him out at the Sunnyvale Neighborhood Adoption Center.

    Not in California? Your local area has plenty of fuzzy buddies too! Take a peek, and see what gems are near you!

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