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11 Nut Butters That Are Better Than Peanut Butter

The heavy-handed reign of peanut butter is OVER. Here are some other butters you can try instead! Bonus: they're easy to make.

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Diving into the homemade nut butter pool isn't scary at all! All you'll need is:

- 2-4 cups of nuts

- a pinch of salt (probably)

- a little sweetener (probably) (like honey or coconut oil)

- a food processor or small blender

Follow the awesomely simple instructions here or use the recipe included with each photo.


11. Pumpkin Seed (pepita) Butter

(Note: if you see pepita in ingredients or listed on a menu, it's just another word for "pumpkin seed." They're delicious in baked goods! I digress...)

Another safe alternative to its nut butter brethren on this list, this pepita butter is made with delightful spices and maple syrup, so it's basically a HOLIDAY FOR YOUR MOUTH.