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26 Muddy Dogs Who Want You To Have Fun

Everybody loves a muddy dog, right? ...Right?

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1. "Don't be afraid to let loose!"

2. "It's ok to let your wild side out every now and then."

4. "Looks like you dropped something... OH, IT'S JUST YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR! Get it outta there, silly!"

6. "I'm not THRILLED, per se, about having to take a bath later, but it was so worth it."

7. "Lemme in so the the good times can keep goin'!"

8. "It's a light coat so far, but I have full faith I'll be covered by noon."


10. "As they always say: 'like me, like me.'"

11. "There's very little difference between this and whatever you do at the spa, really."

13. "Sometimes, you have to get real close to life in order to examine it, that's all!"

14. "Life demands that we dive right in!"

15. "A lady like me doesn't need to go too crazy in order to have a good time."

17. "Could you pick that up for me? I don't want to get it dirty, but I would like to play very much."

18. "PHEW! Having this much fun is almost exhausting. But I love it!"

20. "I just think better when I'm *one with nature*."

22. "I was a little unsure of this adventure at first... but now I'm TOTALLY down with it!"

23. "Dang, what a good day."

24. "Even a nap is better in mud!"

25. "Thank you for bringing me along."