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Meet The Newest Cat Who Also Happens To Be A Real Grump

This is Sauerkraut, and she's got some bones to pick with society.

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2. "Hi, I guess. Ignore the bowtie. It's my least favorite day: laundry day."

3. "You interrupted my meal, so this had better be good."

4. "Welcome to my face. It's naturally this way."

5. "Here's one of my many, many opinions: trees suck."

6. "You know what else sucks? Wasting electricity. LEARN TO TURN LIGHTS OFF AS YOU LEAVE ROOMS, PEOPLE."

7. "I find your attitude un-bee-lievable right now."

8. "Before you even ask, no, I'm not a morning person. Couldn't you tell?"

9. "Don't even talk to me about sports."

10. "My grandmother made this sweater, okay?! I have to wear it out of sheer obligation."

11. "I prefer to nap alone, so you can see why my life is full of problems right now."

12. "I'm not medically allergic to sunshine, but I might as well be. I guess I'm emotionally allergic."

13. "Take your positivity and get out of my frowning face. GET A CLUE, RICHARD."

14. "I can see right through your lies of small freedoms."

15. "Lumpy couches are the bane of my existence."

16. "Your compliments about my style mean nothing to me. I'd thank you, but it'd be meaningless."

17. "Let's. Just. Not. Today."

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