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Meet Millie, The Adorably Brave Rock Climbing Cat

She joins Craig Armstrong on some of his excursions, and she's a total pro.

Craig adopted Millie from Furburbia in Park City, Utah about a year ago. They've been best buddies ever since.

She has "all the qualities a good climbing partner should have."

Millie's for sure a special kind of cat. Not just any kitty can go on these adventures.

Millie and Craig prefer the same types of routes: "slabby tech routes that require more technique and balance than raw power."

She's pensieve...

...and brave...

...and a great climbing buddy!

“We camp in my truck," wrote Craig in a post for Backcountry. "She peed in there one night, but she caught a mouse in there one night, too.”

Millie has grown more comfortable around the climbing and camping gear. She even gets excited when Craig starts prepping for the weekend!

She's a dedicated climber in all kinds of weather.

(Even when that weather sneaks up on her, like during this flash snowstorm!)

She's also super willing to lend a helping paw if need be.

Nothing can stop Millie and Craig!

...except for naptime, maybe.