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Meet Laura Jane Grace Of Against Me!

In her first interview, Laura Jane Grace talked to MTV News about her past and the band's future.

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Laura about Laura:

And then you get to that point where you're like, 'This isn't something that's going away,' " she continues. "And you start hearing so many other people's stories, and you realize, 'That's me. This is what I'm going through.' And it becomes so apparent that you'd be a fool to continue to deny it.
I was really, honestly excited. When I first told my wife, immediately it was just like this huge weight being lifted off my shoulders, and subsequently every other person that I've told, that feeling was more and more there. I've been completely blown away by the majority of people's reactions. ... They've been more than respectful and more than supportive, and it's been, for me, completely humbling.

Against Me! about Laura:

We didn't want to make it melodramatic. ... It was kind of simple in a way. It sounds cheesy, but it's not: You just want your friend to be happy. When this came out, I think the bottom line for all of us was just 'be happy.'

Check out MTV News for videos of the interview.

Here are some performance videos:

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View this video on YouTube
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