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16 Adorable Tips On Living Your Best Life


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1. Try to compliment nature's beauty with your own by standing regally near it.

2. Only spend time with those you love.

3. Kiss who you wanna kiss.

4. Remember that it's okay to lay down the law once in a while.

5. Eat what sounds delicious to you and ONLY those things. Life's too short to bother with what you don't like.

6. Stretch early and often.

7. Embrace your funny face!

8. Put yourself at the head of the table, because you. are. in. charge.

9. Sleep when you wanna sleep.

10. Use your Convincing Face for good instead of evil. It's a powerful tool!

11. Remember to use patience when telling someone off. You don't want to burn any bridges, just in case!

12. Take deep breaths when you can.

13. Try not to feel embarrassed if you have to apologize for something. Own it.

14. Sleep how you wanna sleep.

15. Smile all the time! It's good for you!

16. And never, ever, feel afraid to speak your truth.

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