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Let's Talk About The Cutest Bunny Brothers On Instagram

Meet Rambo and Eddy, two adopted bunnies in Canada who are delightful Instagram stars.

This is Rambo.

He's pretty fabulous.

This is Rambo's brother, Eddy.

They're two rabbits from Canada who are super adorable brothers.

They eat together...

...and they nap together.

Sometimes Rambo is a little shy about being on the Internet.

Eating a snack generally helps him get over it.

(Eddy agrees.)

Rambo is super good at being a navigator for you.

Eddy is basically a napping expert.

Sometimes Rambo has rough days...

...but Eddy is always there to pick him back up again!

Begging for food, while discouraged, is clearly adorable.

So wake up, fellas!

You got a lot of bein' cute to do!

It's a tough job...

...but someone's gotta do it!

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