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    21 Times You Tried To Be Cool But It Didn't Work Out

    ♪ When you try your best, but you don't succeed... ♪

    1. When you tried to show someone a funny Snapchat but then you totally dropped your phone.

    2. When your friends caught you playing with your favorite childhood toy.

    3. When you waited by the front door for an Amazon package all day but it never came.

    4. When your friend got a dinner that you really wanted but you ordered something else like a fool.

    5. When you watched a scary movie and then stayed in bed extra long because you were too spooked to leave it.

    6. When you tripped over your own feet and pretended to do it on purpose.

    7. When you ran into someone you only kind of know on the street and had to greet them awkwardly.

    8. When you had a lovely slumber party but then your buds posted photos online and totally blew your cover.

    9. When you sat down to watch TV but then you fell asleep, like your grandpa always does.

    10. When you sniffed a flower someone gave you but some of it accidentally went up your nose.

    11. When your friend caught what you really look like when you eat instead of what you post on Instagram.

    12. When you thought you were going to a costume party but everyone else was dressed normally.

    13. When you finally wore a new pair of shoes only to see someone else wearing them, too.

    14. When you have to pretend you didn't want to sit there anyways.

    15. When you accidentally fell asleep on the couch when your crush was hanging out.

    16. When you felt like modeling your new holiday pajamas and then your mom showed everyone "just how cute" you looked.

    17. When you hid to surprise your BFF just for fun and they showed up an hour later.

    18. When your crush is definitely way, way taller than you so you can't gawk at them subtly.

    19. When the cute barista catches you yawning during your morning cup o' joe.

    20. When you disagreed with your BFF in public and they totally won the argument.

    21. When you attempted to pull off a new style and all your friends told you, not very politely, that you could not.

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