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    12 Gifts For The Cat Lover You Don't Like

    Y'know, that one person.

    1. A lot of loose yarn.

    Nothin' like a good mess of a tangle to come home to. Find some yarn here.

    2. Too much catnip.

    Because everyone's cat should be constantly tweaking! Pick up some seeds here or a fully grown plant here.

    3. Some wicker furniture.

    Like a built-in scratching post for any cat! Find out how to spruce up any already destroyed wicker furniture here.

    4. Super jingly balls.

    NOISE NOISE NOISE. Make your own cat toy following the instructions here.

    5. A funky inflatable chair.

    All it takes is two hours and... presto! No more chair! Purchase one here.

    6. One of those laser disco balls.

    When lights go everywhere, cats go nuts! Find it here.

    7. Cups with rounded bottoms.

    All the easier to knock with! Buy these here.

    8. A candle that smells like bacon.

    So they'll get bothered even when they're not eating breakfast! Find this candle, and many other interesting scents, here.

    9. Lots of cans of food.

    Every time they open one, they'll think of you while trying to fight off their hungry cat. Purchase a 12-pack here.

    10. Motion-activated night lights.

    With these bad boys, no one sleeps!

    11. A lint roller (used).

    Great! They can do nothing with this, but it will taunt them as the most-needed item for any cat owner. Purchase one here then use it on up.

    12. Any black clothing.

    So the rest of the world can see their mistakes! Find many options here.

    13. A dog.

    Raybon009 / Getty Images / Thinkstock

    They'll love each other but in a begrudging way!